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(skelitn•krōō) 1.the minimum number of personnel needed to operate and maintain an item at its most simple operating requirements. (krōō) 2. A vineyard. Originating from the French word 'growth'.

We bring Nashville's finest together to build software companies & products. No suits, just great work and fast validation.

We need each other. Developers can make it, Designers can visualize it, Entrepreneurs can sell it, but we are better together. SkeletonCru was founded based on the idea that when the right people team up, awesome things happen. Amazing things. Good for the world things.
Quit your day job things.

How We Do it.

We align Nashville organizations and contractors with the product design lifecycle so that they can excel at their specialty and leave the rest up to other team members. Entrepreneurs validate, Designers design, Developers develop. We bring these pieces together in an equity-sharing framework so that the result is more effective and more successful in the market.

Rapid Validation.
That's Our Jam.

We build business experiments. It all starts with a problem and a high-level solution. The product is defined, designed, developed and the validation test is executed as the litmus test for further development. A team review is held to decide the fate of the project after validation. It will be either 1. Killed, 2. Pivoted or 3. Pursued.


We need each other. Sure, you could go it alone but that's called being a hermit. Tell us about yourself and let's do big things together.