Getting together just got easier. Tinyvite is a mobile application built to make meeting up with friends and finding new groups to hang out with easier. It’s more than a text message but less than an invite. It’s a tinyvite. Join Beta List Team Members: Phillip Maddox Matthew Wallace […]

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Tech Pact

Real relationships, moments and focus are found in the spaces between email, texting, smart watches and instant messages. The idea that technology has become too pervasive to the point of distraction is widely accepted yet many people do nothing to regain control. Tech Pact is an app for challenging friends to abstain from their phones for a period of time. Use it in meetings, at dinner or in the movies. It doesn’t matter. Tech Pact wants you to do more with your moments.   Team Members Joey Vadala Matthew Wallace Phillip Maddox […]

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The philosopher, Socrates popularized a concept that human-beings could manufacture happiness in their lives by their own efforts. This is the inspiration for the name and the brand. Socrates™ is a new SkeletonCru experiment that takes social posts and analyzes their inherent quality on a scale of negativity vs positivity using sentiment analysis. This yields a quality score that can be plotted on a timeline and aids users in understanding their affect on the masses as well as their own psychological well-being. This project is inspired by research recently released that proved social media posts can influence world happiness. Source: […]

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